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Stop Pretending Abortion is About Your Body

There are so many things that happen to our bodies that we cannot control. Pregnancy is one of those things. For most people pregnancy is a choice. For women who are raped this may not be the case. But abortion is not about your body.

Every month women go through tremendous changes and this cannot be controlled short of surgical sterility or harmful drugs that are also abortifacients. Pregnancy is one event that happens a total of between zero and three times to most women in the US throughout their entire lifetime. If women weren’t having abortions, most women would be having 4 or more children. Through natural child spacing this would happen over 10 years or more, and fertility awareness methods would enable women to go longer without kids or have as few or as many children as they want.

Most women are smart enough to figure out how to avoid becoming pregnant using fertility awareness and condoms. For the women who are not smart enough to do that or who have no self control, or who are raped, do we as a society condone their abortions? The answer depends on who you are. Yes it is legal to have an abortion in almost any situation today in the USA. But everyone is smart enough to know that this is wrong. If the situation were reversed and abortion had become uniformly illegal in 1973, would we still hear people say that a child is not a living person with rights? What bearing does a scribble on a piece of paper in a book have upon our inner feelings of right and wrong? Nothing. We are all operating from a moral place of knowledge of right and wrong. Every time we do something that we know is wrong, we must think about why we justify this decision to ourselves. Either we lost our tempers or we acted rashly, or we feel justified in some way, or we do not care. In some cases we get a thrill from doing the wrong thing because it is bad.

Mothers normally try to do the right thing for their children, 100%. The protective instinct is very strong right from the first moment of the knowledge of a pregnancy in most cases. And then you have women who abort…

Should we be kind to women who are about to choose abortion? Well of course we should… we should do everything possible to show them love and offer them alternatives. But does this mean we should stop advocating to ban all abortions? Absolutely not.

Abortion is not about doing with your body as you will. Abortion is about your entire life. It’s about the next 18 years and 9 months of your life. It’s about the life you want for yourself. It’s a selfish choice to take another person’s life so you can have the life you want for the next 18 years.

Do  not pretend it’s about doing what you want with your uterus for 9 months. Pregnancy may be an inconvenience to you but that pales in comparison to the wrong you commit when you take an innocent life from a child.

In order to feel ok with having an abortion most women will attempt to dehumanize the baby inside of them, by saying that it’s only a fetus and not a child. The word fetus is Latin for offspring. It has no scientific meaning whatsoever. Your child inside of you is a helpless, innocent being who deserves life. Give your child life, even if it means you give him away. Don’t take what does not belong to you. His life is his and nobody else’s to take. Your uterus is just an organ in your body. It is not the child inside you. It’s just his temporary home.

Life is the first human right. Without this right, no other rights are possible. You survived your mother’s womb, don’t make your womb a slaughterhouse… it is a place of miracles and mysteries.

Innocent children are the most precious of all of God’s creation. There is no greater beauty than a baby. Do not destroy and take life from the innocent. Give your own child the same respect you give to kittens and innocent animals in the wild… respect him more than you respect the Earth or your own inanimate objects lying around in your house… save your child.