Twitter status celebrates 9-11-09 Michigan murder of Pro-Life Activist Jim Poullion

The status can still be found here:

I took the picture from my mobile phone last night. I’m surprised he still has that up there.


Very early abortion

Very early abortion, originally uploaded by thisisabortion.

This is abortion.

This baby was obviously more than “a bunch of cells.” Unless you consider yourself a sack of cells too.

His or her head was ripped off, and arms ripped off during the abortion.

Let’s just call it what it is. A brutal murder of a tiny, helpless baby.


Early abortion

Early abortion, originally uploaded by thisisabortion.

This is abortion.


Six Pound Baby Aborted

Six Pound Baby Aborted, originally uploaded by thisisabortion.

1983: Near full-term, six pound baby born alive during saline abortion. One doctor suggested his collagen had been removed while he was still alive. Was he experimented on while alive? His face indicates a horrible death. There is a hospital bracelet on his wrist. The photo states he was to be incinerated along with the dogs and cats.

Aborted Babies in a Trash Bag

These babies are not trash.
This is abortion.

Abortion Statistics

Abortion Statistics, originally uploaded by thisisabortion.

Source: TIME Magazine
In 2003, 23.8% of all pregnancies ended in induced abortion. Down from 30% in the 1980s.
TIME’s Sources: Guttmacher Institute; Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health; Care Net; Heartbeat International; National Abortion Federation

Partial Birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion, originally uploaded by thisisabortion.

This is abortion.